Zaibatsu Interactive

Country: Finland
Jussi Ultima – CEO
Tarmo Jussila – CTO
Wille Hujanen – Creative Director

Boom Karts

A free-to-play online kart racing game where speed is the goal! Beat your opponents to the podium or tackle the challenges to earn your bragging rights. Challenge your friends in online multiplayer games with custom lobbies. Upgrade and customize your karts and avatar with items earned through game play. Ready… Set… BOOM!
Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Racing, Multiplauer
Key Features: Featured #1 in App Store and over 5 million downloads on Google Play
  • Real-time arcade karting racing
  • A variety of powerful power ups to blast your foes with
  • Online play racing against the world
  • Create custom races for playing with your friends
  • Creating and managing your own racing team
  • Customizable karts and avatars
  • Slick drifting and boosting maneuvers giving you control over the racing
  • Collectable karts that can be unlocked
  • Time trial events and a challenging adventure mode