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Baltic Explorers boosting the game industry to explore possibilities in the global markets and succeed in catching a deal.
Baltic Explorers are boosting the Central Baltic gaming industry to explore possibilities and allow gamers to catch a global market. We are offering specially designed programs for all gaming companies, no matter what level of development they are in the moment, in four different countries, at the same time. Baltic Explorers teams drive is to support those teams and provide them with necessary tools, network and mentorship, to succeed and catch the promised deal at the US market or the Asian market. 
Baltic Explorers mentor-network is spread among four different Baltic Sea Region countries; this allows gamers to find the right mentor in your country of origin, and beyond. With all these successes factors, there is no other option necessary to join one of our offered programs, by only joining our casual “Meet-Ups” to catch up with the Baltic gaming industry cluster.


Meet-ups are Baltic Explorers catch-ups in the Central Baltic Gaming Industry. With the extended network, we provide you with valuable feedback for your game project, from our experts. The Meet-Ups are offered in all five Baltic Explorers areas (Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia) and are organised around the year. Specific topics will be provided to support all fields needed in gaming.
If you to be updated on Baltic Explorers Meet-ups, follow us on our social media channels or visit our web-page from time to time for updates.

BE Big

BE BIG is a new-version of any Accelerator program. Want an opportunity of a lifetime? JOIN our first BATCH of BE BIG 2021. If you have what it takes – you will get the tickets to the US and Asian market, WHY? You will also travel and join events such as GDC or G-Star, you also will boost your games to new markets. You can expect the full support and all necessary tools provided by the Baltic Explorers project.
BE BIG is a newly designed program for gamers of all levels; we are keen on fulfilling our participating gaming companies’ needs. With this program, the growth of their gaming company will have a better success rate, and the possibility of catching a deal on the market is higher.  By participating in our BE BIG program, Your team will get:
  • business development support
  • market research support 
  • pitch deck development support
  • pitching support
  • game development support
  • a wide range of international mentors
  • finding additional team members (if needed and wished) support
  • tickets to larger events in the US and Asian markets
You need many more extras for your game to be the next unicorn on the market.


Baltic Explorers have mentorship possibilities in FIVE areas (Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia). By joining the Baltic Explorers path, you will create your own success story, with the Baltic Explorers professional mentors. 
By joining the Baltic Explorers Game cluster, you will receive access to a mentorship program tailored for your game company. The experts will support you throughout your journey with advice, guidance and new game development progress. Your gaming company will get enough boost in all essential questions related to game business and game development to be competitive fit for any market, particularly for the US market and the Asian market.
If, you need support or exceptional mentorship, please contact our project specialist in your country of origin.

If you need it, we can envision it.

Baltic Explorers Game Hub is a network of organisations from the Central Baltic Region set up with a common goal of supporting game industry teams for success in South-East Asia and North-America. From 2020 – 2022 the network will organize game industry meetups, prepare and run accelerator programs and provide mentoring support for building a strong cluster of game developers. The key to success is providing mentoring, support, and advisory services for the companies to help with testing, soft launches on new markets, and fine-tuning of the games for investor/publisher readiness at largest B2B events in Asia or USA.

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